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It's a given that Social Media websites draw the most traffic. Following closely behind are Ecommerce websites. If you have a business and you want to stay in touch with your customers and to also build a customer-base, you need a strong online presence. Put your brand out on the world wide web, just one swipe away from your next big sales opportunity! Here are some useful pointers to enhance your customer's experience with your brand online.

You may have a plethora of products for sale. Don't endeavour to put them all up on one single page. Clean up the layout and make navigation easy. Categories should be well-defined and listings should be comprehensive. Too much imagery and 'sponsored suggestions' can confuse and ultimately tire out your customer.

You are not writing a product thesis. You may have 100-pages worth of info on the product, but your customer definitely does not have the time for it. Headings, Sub-headings, captions and product descriptions need to be to the point. Use words and lingo that are commonly known.

Every product up for sale must come with an image. People like to see what they are buying, so give them a full 360 view of the product. Including physical specs and any additional technical info will also be of great value. Should the product undergo even the slightest change in appearance or functioning, update the picture on the site promptly. Misinformation is your enemy.

Browsing through an Ecommerce website is not exactly as simple as window shopping. Most of the time customers log-in with a specific requirement. Ensure that the 'you-may-also-be-interested-in' listing has relevant suggestions and not random products that will throw the customer off course. While it might seem like a good idea to put on display all your ware, aimless surfing has less of a chance of converting into a sale.

When you collect details from customers, you must guarantee to them that the information will not be shared with anyone else. They need to know for sure that these details will not be misused. Use payment portals with caution.

Most of your customers will interact with your website over their smart phone or tablet. It's not enough to have a fabulous looking website designed to fit a laptop screen. At the very outset make sure that your website looks equally brilliant and is 100% efficient on a small palmtop device as well.

First time users and loyalists often have queries and doubts regarding products. They may require more information on a certain product. Make room for them to post queries and be sure to respond within 24 hours. The customer is not going to sit around and wait endlessly for you to respond. He/she will set out in search of what they want elsewhere.

Just because you have a website, that does not mean you can ditch a social media presence. Like we said before Social Media is where your customer spends most of his/her time. Social Media marketing is an important tool to promote your business and also to interact directly with your customers. Regular posts, interesting interactions and courteous response to feedback, go a long way. Add your social media account details on your website and increase your following – grow you customer base.


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