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Every product has a specific target audience. Reaching that specific group and convincing them that your product  is the best on the rack, is what marketing is all about. Such potential customers who are interested enough in your product, that they don't mind sharing some of their personal information with you are called Leads, and identifying these leads is big task. Renting a stall at a local fair and hoping your target audience will stop by for more info, is a stale method. Engaging with them via social media platforms and websites, is what works today. Lead Generation is the art of bringing leads to your product and using sensible marketing tactics to ensure they buy your product or use your service. This makes Lead Generation one of the most key parts of the Marketing Cycle. The three important Steps in Lead Generation are: ATTRACT INTERACT REWARD Put your Content Marketing skills to the utmost test. Create a sponsored ad or a post on social media that rea
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When the choice is between an image and a video, to make an effective sale, today the answer is pretty obvious – go for video. However, there are also stats that say that when it's an ad video, your viewer has only one minute to spare. You have just sixty seconds at your disposal, use them wisely. But before you delve into adding punch to your content, you have to settle down on a medium to communicate with your audience. Recent studies favour  Facebook video  over YouTube .  The reason is simple enough – User Interaction. In a Facebook versus YouTube study conducted by, the ever growing and ever evolving social media giant overtook the video sharing website in big, long strides. studied the activity, interaction and engagement rendered by 1,87,000 pages and over 750 million posts, in order to arrive at data that was convincingly in favour of Facebook video. The study coughed up the following data: – 89% of all videos on Facebook are

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DIGITAL MARKETING: WHICH ONE SUITS YOU? If you want to create buzz around your brand, you better jump on the digital platform, which ably compliments your print ads. For first-timers the digital scene can be quite overwhelming. You might fear being shoved into a corner by the clutter online. True. That could happen. That's why media planning continues to be extremely important. You need to find out the digital marketing route that will suit you the best. There are many ways to go digital - your marketing strategy should be a combination of the various types of digital marketing to facilitate effective communication with your target audience. 1. Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimization. Google is anyone's best friend today! You type in a query and it coughs up a flurry of information. Google is nothing but a search engine – the most popularly used one too. As a brand owner what you need to do is ensure such search engines favour you when a prospe


It's a given that Social Media websites draw the most traffic. Following closely behind are Ecommerce websites. If you have a business and you want to stay in touch with your customers and to also build a customer-base, you need a strong online presence. Put your brand out on the world wide web, just one swipe away from your next big sales opportunity! Here are some useful pointers to enhance your customer's experience with your brand online. #CLEAN & CLEAR You may have a plethora of products for sale. Don't endeavour to put them all up on one single page. Clean up the layout and make navigation easy. Categories should be well-defined and listings should be comprehensive. Too much imagery and 'sponsored suggestions' can confuse and ultimately tire out your customer. #CLARITY IN COMMUNICATION You are not writing a product thesis. You may have 100-pages worth of info on the product, but your customer definitely does not have the time for it. Headings,


Before you present your brand to your audience, be sure you have a clear idea about how you are going to position yourself. Identify what makes your brand better than the rest and ensure that aspect comes across to your audience. Your brand makes the biggest impact with what you say about it. So choose your words wisely, find the right platforms and get your audience hooked. 1. MAKE THE HUMAN CONNECT No matter what your product or service is, your audience comprises of people. Talk to them in a language that is fun, friendly and empathetic. Don't make assumptions about your audience. Do not expect them to have all the background information on your brand. At the same time do not underestimate their ability to see through false marketing. Use words and metaphors that are easy to understand and commonly used. You risk alienating your audience when you get too technical. Save the tech specs for the sales meeting. 2. LISTEN IN ON YOUR AUDIENCE Staying in touch with your a